Friday, December 30, 2011

Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous new year!

 (This song gets tagged as one of the worst of all time by some people.  I happen to love it.)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Albums

This post is not to tell you about the newest Christmas CD's available this year, but rather to tell you what my all time favorites are that I keep coming back to year after year.   Most of them are special to me because they have songs by some of my favorite artists that aren't available elsewhere. In no particular order, we have:


Produced and arranged by Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty, (The Choir,)  this is more or less the third disc in their "At The Foot Of the Cross" worship series, or so I've always viewed it.  Steve and Derri's original tune "Babe In The Straw" is a highlight, but my favorite is Michael Pritzl and Jenny Gullen's rendition of "Silent Night."

The Broken Christmas

When a CD contains otherwise unavailable tracks by the likes of Undercover, Riki Michele,Adam Again and 4-4-1, you know it's a must have for me.  I bought this one as a new release, along with Sparrow Record's "Christmas," back in 1988, and I don't think a Christmas season has gone by that I haven't played them.  Too many highlights to hit here, but "Born In A Stable" by Level Heads is not only the best song on the disc, it's one of the greatest songs ever written.  Period.

Bruce Cockburn-Christmas

As much as I would disagree with Mr. Cockburn politically and theologically, I have loved his music for years, and when I heard he was releasing a Christmas CD, I couldn't pass that up.  Includes a lot of standards and a lot of obscure seasonal tunes, all performed in Cockburn's usual flawless style.  Bonus points for taking on "I Saw Three Ships," a song not many artists are willing to record.  "Three Ships" has been my favorite Carol for many years, and I can't explain why.  I've never been able to figure out what it's about.  But I've never heard a better performance than this one.

Sparrow Christmas

Whiteheart's "Little Drummer boy."  Enough said.

Okay, the rest of the disc is great, too!  It just wouldn't seem like Christmas without Steve Camp's "O' Holy Night, Michael Card's "What Child is This," and Steve Taylor's wonderfully twisted Mariachi style "Winter Wonderland."  Classic!

Jon Anderson-Three Ships

No, not John Anderson of "Swingin'" fame, but Jon Anderson, lead singer for Prog Rock giants, Yes.  Progressive Rock this isn't, and I have to admit the production is stuck smack in the 80's, but I love this album.  "Where Were You," and "Day Of Days" are beautiful, and his rendition of "O' Holy Night," featuring Sandra Crouch is amazing.  And of course, he recorded my favorite Carol.

First call-An Evening In December

Absolutely beautiful and relaxing Acapella, this is the album that actually introduced First Call, being released a year or so before their "debut" album, "Undivided."

Our Christmas

Sort of a follow up to the popular "Our Hymns" disc, this featured exclusive songs by Michael W. Smith, Mylon Lefevre, Bryan Duncan, Russ Taff and many other then popular artists.  David Meece's first recording of his perennial "One Small Child" steals the show for me.

The Gift-A Colours Christmas

Beautiful instrumental versions of popular Carols,  three tunes by the late great Tom Howard make this one a necessity for me.

Mannheim Steamroller-Christmas

No offense to anyone, but the Steamroller are in a rut.  I'll always love this one, though.

Christmas With George Beverly Shea

Yes, I'm serious.  Bev's voice has a relaxing, worshipful tone that I need sometimes.  Probably also nostalgia from all the Billy Graham Crusades I watched on TV as a kid.  Whatever the reason, I love this album.

Probably won't post anymore until after Christmas, so:

May the love of Christ dwell in your hearts, now and always.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Captured In Time And Space

In 1986 Petra released this excellent live album recorded on the" Beat The System" tour.  Originally released as a double lp set or a double length cassette, it was edited quite a bit for a single cd release in the early 90's.  The cassette version is the best, most complete version if you can find one. I recorded my cassette to two cd-r's, and that's what I listen to.

The concert was also released on vhs, and much later was finally released on dvd, which is sold on Petra's web site,

The complete video is also on youtube.  Not the best quality, but watchable, if you can ignore the sub titles. ;-)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...Part 4

Lust Control

A "joke" band with a serious message, Lust Control was the creation of HM Magazine editor Doug Van Pelt.  Musically very raw, intense punk rock, akin to bands like the Ramones, Dead Milkmen or Nobody Special, but with far less production values.  Members, which at one time included guys on loan from One Bad Pig, wore ski masks to hide their identities, ostensibly due to their music's controversial content, but most likely it was just a gimmick.  That's not a stab at the band, I thought the mask thing was pretty cool!

Christian Rock bashers loved to hate on this band.  A "fundamentalist, KJV Only" type website gave my favorite review of one of their albums; "The album is titled "We Are Not Ashamed."  They should be.  With a name like Lust Control, you just know these guys are spiritual giants."  Well, I believe they are, at least more so than the individual with the wooden contact lenses who wrote that review.

The subject matter of the songs, which was radically biblical, delt with everything from sexual abstinence to marriage to child abuse to abortion to holiness to the second coming of Christ.  They were called the "Josh McDowell of the Christian Rock world" by CCM Magazine (October, 1991.)  They were also named "Worst Band of the Decade (1990's) by HM Magazine. (Interesting, since the editor of HM is also the bandleader.)  :-)

The band hasn't released any new material since 1994's "Feminazi" ep, but have recently reissued an expanded version of "We Are Not Ashamed," including some tracks from the "Fun, Fun Feeling" cd, plus some commentary segments. 



Friday, November 18, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...Part 3

One Bad Pig

When a Christian bands live show is described as "kind of like a carnival/revival run amok," (CCM Magazine, October, 1990,) you know you're in for a good time!  Their live show was known to include plastic swimming pools filled with water, water guns and lots of silly string. Punk/Thrash band One Bad Pig grew from lead "screamer" Carey "Kosher" Womack's street ministry.  They released their first album, the home made recording "A Christian Banned," in 1986.  They were signed to Pure metal and released "Smash" in 1989.  In 1990, they were signed to Myrrh Records, where they stayed for the rest of their career, releasing three more albums in the early 90's.

Despite the silly image, OBP was a top notch metal band, with a focus on ministry.  Carey Womack was an ordained Baptist minister, and original bassist Brian "Streak" Wheeler was an Assembly of God evangelist.  Womack summed the band up with one statement in an interview in CCM Magazine:  "God has seen fit to use a very foolish thing to proclaim His message." (CCM Magazine, October 1990.)

Although they haven't released any new studio material since the early 90's, they have never officially broken up, and still play reunion shows occasionally.

I first discovered the Pig on Star Song's old Metal compilation cd "Ultimate Metal" back in 1989.  The song "Let's Be Frank" from the "Smash" cd was included, and it sounded like nothing else I'd heard in Christian music at that time.  I've been a fan ever since, and "Let's Be Frank" remains one of my favorite Metal songs of all time. Sung from the perspective of an atheist who "won't believe till they slam hell's gates,"  my favorite line is:"I can't believe that Jesus ever came to save!  I even tried to find Him, He wasn't in His grave!"

On their 1991 cd "I Scream Sunday," OBP recorded a Punk/Metal version of Johnny Cash's "Man In Black" with Cash himself on vocals, proving that Johnny was a good sport with a great sense of humor!

Next post: Lust Control.  Got a ski mask on you?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Philly & Landon

Working on a post about pioneering Punk/Thrashers One Bad Pig.  Meantime, kick back, relax and listen to our friend Philly Phil and my son Landon.  Great stuff!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...Part 2

Frank's Enemy

Okay...Yeah.  If the band pic above didn't scare you off, the music may.  Just a little warning here: this band is NOT for everyone.

Not sure what to call this..Death Metal/Grind-core/Hardcore/Punk/Funk/Noise. Even Ambient, at times. One album (Illumination) starts off with a Ska tune. All the ingredients to terrify and offend die hard Adult Contemporary fans, and send them running for the hills.  As much of a Metal fan as I am, I have to be in the right mood for F's E, but there are times I absolutely love this stuff.

Frank's Enemy started off as a one man band solo project for Julio Rey, guitarist/vocalist for the groundbreaking '80's Punk/Thrash band, The Lead, a great band that will get their own post sometime in the future. The name came from a statement Frank Zappa made following the PMRC Senate hearings in the mid 1980's. He said "When you see a car with a Christian fish on it, you've seen the enemy."  Thus, Christians are "Frank (Zappa's) Enemy."  

The origin of the name bother's me, because the fact that he considered Christian's his enemy means he never truly heard the Gospel from any he came in contact with. It indicates that Frank Zappa never heard that Jesus loved him, unless it was thrown out as a challenge, or a brick intended to hurt. That saddens me.  

However, musically, this is a one of a kind band.  Anyone into Extreme Metal should do themselves a favor and check them out.

Band info here:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...

For the next few posts, I wanted to talk about some of the more obscure, WAY off the beaten path type bands that you've probably never heard of, or, if you have, the band's name probably scared you off before you gave them a listen.  Believe me though, there's some great stuff out there that falls into this category. Read on, and I'll try to explain what's so great about these bands besides their names.

The Blind Teeth Victory Band

I don't know much about the personnel of this band, other than they came from Texas, and they're led by singer/songwriter Delbert Nave.  The Violent Femmes "Hallowed Ground" era might be a good reference point for their sound.  Psycho-Folk-Funk-Punk. Virtually no production.  Sounds like it was recorded in someones basement, because more than likely it was! Truly unique, one of a kind band.  Just hearing them makes me smile. Albums include "Trilogy" (shown above,) "Kill A Baby, Save A Dog," and "Cheesecake In A Can."

In spite of the silliness (or maybe because of it) this band was very ministry oriented.  Very few of their albums were available on cd, and it seems even those are now out of print.  Rare stuff, but well worth searching out.

Next post:  Frank's Enemy.   Be prepared...

*Update* Band founder Delbert Nave passed away March 2nd, 2014.  Our prayers are with his family.  R.I.P. Delbert. Thanks for the music.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Uthanda were a Rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee in the late 80's to early 90's.  They released two excellent, if not well known, albums in the Christian market.   They were constantly labeled "Alternative Rock" by critics, but to me they were just Rock, plain & simple.  When I hear the term "Alternative," I think of bands like The Choir, Daniel Amos or The 77's.  To me, Uthanda has more in common with Novella than The Choir, and sounds like a non-Metal version of Guardian.  Singer Robert Beeson can sound a lot like Jamie Rowe.  Tony Palacios playing lead guitar on their first album helps solidify that comparison, as well.  The band broke up when Beeson wanted to concentrate on his new Essential Records Group, home to Third Day, Jars Of Clay, and many others. (Yes, that's where you've heard his name.)

Some band details can be found here:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Larry Norman

For those Larry Norman collectors out there, this is the most complete discography I've found.  Great resource.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Undercover: Branded/3-28-87

Undercover started life as a pogo-Punk/New wave band from southern California. They performed lightweight, but catchy songs, with simple, easy to understand, childlike lyrics.   As proof of the childlike aspect, my son loved songs like "Excuse Us," "Jesus Girl" and "God Rules" when he was a toddler.

"Branded" signaled a definite change in direction for the band, as they would progress further into Goth/Hard Rock territory.  The addition of new singer Sim Wilson definitely added a "Goth" vibe, even though the music was still rooted in New Wave.  The Keyboards were heavier, the music darker overall, and the subject matter weightier than before.

Branded is basically a concept album dealing with things like doubt and guilt, loneliness and ultimately faith in God.  Songs like "I'm Just A Man" have a Psalm like quality, however I'm thinking of the darker, questioning Psalms.  "Tears In Your Eyes" and "Come Away With Me" are written from God's point of view, wanting to draw the person close who only pushes Him away. "Pilate" addresses the guilt Pilate felt over crucifying Jesus. The album closes with "If I Had A Dream," basically a worship song, albeit a heavy one, here the singer finds himself in God's presence, free and forgiven.

If the albums before this were too simplistic, those that followed, while musically inventive, were too dark, and somewhat impenetrable lyrically.  Undercover hit their creative zenith with Branded, and the live album 3-28-87.  Even the older songs like "God Rules" and "Three Days" were given new life in the live setting, and Sim Wilson's vocals give them a maturity they seemed to lack before.

These two albums easily make my top twenty list of favorite Christian albums, but listening to them is bittersweet.  Keyboard/Bass player and primary songwriter Ojo Taylor now proclaims himself an atheist.  Taylor wrote all the songs on Branded, except for "Cry Myself To Sleep," written by guitarist Gym Nichols.  The fact that a man that could write such beautiful proclamations of the faithfulness of God in difficult times could somehow lose his faith is frightening, and sobering.  It should serve as a warning that we all should make our "calling and election sure." (2 Peter 1:10)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Comfort Band recording new CD.

This should make fans of classic CCM VERY happy!  Sweet Comfort Band is in the studio finishing up a new CD titled "The Waiting Is Over."  The CD will feature original members Bryan Duncan (keyboards, vocals,) Randy Thomas (guitars, vocals,)and Rick Thomson (drums.)  Original bassist and founding member Kevin Thomson passed away in 2010.

The Sweet Comfort Band was one of the most popular CCM bands of the early 80's, and served as the launching pad for Bryan Duncan's solo career, and guitarist Randy Thomas went on to form another amazing band, Allies.

Official site:



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dan Peek

Dan Peek, founding member of the mainstream band America, and solo CCM artist, passed away July 24. He was 60 years old.

Peek Founded America in 1969 with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, and was responsible for the hit songs "Don't Cross The River," "Lonely People," "Woman Tonight" and "Today's The Day." He left America in 1977 after his conversion to Christianity.  He released four albums for the CCM market (All Things Are Possible (1979), Doer Of The Word (1984), Electrovoice (1986) and Crossover (1987.)  His best known CCM songs are "All Things Are Possible," "Doer Of The Word," and a remake of America's "Lonely People."

Peek moved to the Cayman Islands in the 90's, and continued to release music through his website, most recently "All American Boy," in 2007.  In 2004, he published his autobiography  "An American Band; The America Story."

In the early 80's when I was looking for music that expressed matters of faith outside of the traditional music that I had been raised on, Dan's music was some of the first I heard.  I will always have great memories surrounding his music, especially the "Doer Of The Word" album (pictured above.)  RIP Dan.

Dan in 2010

Here's an interview conducted in 2010.

Monday, July 25, 2011

John Mehler - Bow & Arrow

The lost Phil Keaggy album?  Not quite.  Phil does play guitar on this album, some of his best work, in fact. But he doesn't sing, not even background vocals.  You may have a hard time believing that when you hear the album.  John mehler's voice is uncannily like Phil s.

John Mehler is actually best known as the drummer for Love Song, and as a session drummer for everyone from Frank Sinatra to Randy Stonehill, but as a solo artist his work has pretty much gone unnoticed by all but a few.  That's truly a crime.  Released in 1982, touches of Rush, the Police, and of course, Phil Keaggy add up to a true classic rock album.

Mehler released one other solo album (1987's Back In Love,) and several "Jazz Praise" albums with Kenneth Nash.  Bow & Arrow has never been released on cd, and most likely never will.  You may find a copy on ebay, or in an used record store someplace.  It would be worth the time it took to find. This one should not fade away like the disposable "pop" music of the past 30 years.

John's website:

Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of the best Christian bands of the '90's is also one of the least known.  Novella released two excellent cd's (One Big Sky, 1991, and A Liquid Earth, 1992,) and then dropped off the face of the earth.  They originated in New Jersey and were founded by Jonathan Pagano (vocals, guitars, keyboards,) Jon Spinola (bass,) and Adam Gibson (drums.)  Derek Ferwerda joined the band as second guitarist for the second  cd.

Musically, Novella were melodic hard rock, with touches of Bon Jovi, Journey, and even some progressive elements a la Rush.  Heavy Metal they were not, but "Running Home," the most well known song from the first cd, appeared on the old Pure Metal label's compilation cd "The Axemen," nearly three years before it appeared on "One Big Sky."  The ballad "Heaven's On My Mind" from "A Liquid Earth" was a hit on Christian video shows in 1992-93.

I could find very little about Novella while researching this blog.  Here is a very good interview the band gave Cross Rhythms after the release of "A Liquid Earth."

*UPDATE* Lead singer Jonathan Pagano read my blog post about the band and asked me to help get the word out that they were recording new material this year.  Support this great band!

Monday, July 11, 2011

CCM's 500 greatest albums of all time.

A link to another blog.  You may not agree with this guys reviews, or the placement of some of your favorite albums, but this site is an excellent resource. Check it out!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sardonyx - Majestic Serenity

  1. Puppet Of Beauty
  2. Paracletos
  3. Corridor To Light
  4. Short But Suite: Opus In D Flat
  5. Royal Honor
  6. Heavenly Throne
  7. Ft. Drum
  8. Holy Avenger
  9. Call Upon The Master
  10. Voice Of The Prodigal
  11. Liar

Was in a Metal mood this morning, and I wanted to hear something I hadn't played to death, so I got out this obscure but awesome disc to spin.  Sardonyx is a Christian power metal band from, I believe, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.  They are affiliated with Lightshine Ministries.  Sardonyx play Power Metal with some Thrash and Progressive Metal elements added in as well.  At times, they remind me of Barren Cross, especially on the track "Liar", which would have fit easily on Barren Cross's "State Of Control" cd.

Those who want their Christian musicians to be bold and up front about their faith should find no problem with Sardonyx.  They call their music "Worship Metal," and for good reason. Lyrics like "My soul finds rest in God alone, My salvation comes from Him.  He alone is my Rock, my salvation, He's my fortress, I will never be shaken,"and "Father, I love you Father, I want to do your will.  You saved me from the hands of satan, my life is yours to fill," (from 'Royal Honor',) are typical. This is the only full length cd they ever produced, and it's rather hard to find.  They were offering it as a free download on their website, but the site is no longer functioning.  You may still be able to find it somewhere on the internet.  If you're a fan of classic Christian Metal, it's worth your time to find a copy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

CCM's Heavy Metal issue..

Aah, memories. There was actually a little controversy over CCM's Heavy Metal issue from August, 1989.  It featured interviews with then-current bands like Whitecross, Shout and Barren Cross, and an essay by Pastor Bob Beeman of the Sanctuary Church entitled "Why Heavy Metal is a Ministry."  Oddly enough for the metal issue, only one metal album was reviewed.  Alongside releases by Kim Hill, Degarmo & Key, Kim Boyce and other decidedly non-metal artists, Deliverance's debut was reviewed favorably, and called the "hottest metal release of the summer."  Gotta love it!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My top Five favorite Christian Metal Bands...

Some of these bands will be familiar to you, some will not.  Why only five and not ten, or more?  Five is all I have time for!  So, Here we go!!

#5.   Joshua.  Commercial metal band led by stellar guitarist Joshua Perahia, this band once included Ken Tamplin of Shout.

#4. Impellitteri...  Awesome commercial band led by guitarist Chris Impellitteri, and featuring THE voice of Heavy Metal, Rob Rock.  In 2008 Guitarworld Magazine named Chris Impellitteri as one of the Fastest Guitarists of all time, included in the list with Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

3#  Tourniquet.  One of the first Christian Thrash Metal bands, these guys are still recording new music.

#2. Guardian.  Their first three albums are classic '80's metal.  When Jamie Rowe replace original lead singer Paul Crawley, he brought a Bluesy edge to their music.  They lost me when they started performing Modern Rock/Alternative music later, but the first three albums are great enough to get them to #2 on my list.

#1. Stryper.  I don't even need to give any history here.  Christian Metal would not exist if these guys hadn't broken through a lot of barriers.  Sure they made some mistakes, they're human beings after all.  But a sincere love for Christ and a passion to see people come to know Him, and a lot of talent (I once told a friend that these guys could record a bluegrass album, and it would rock,) puts them at the top.  STRYPER ROCKS!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hi There!

Hey, sorry I haven't been able to post any new blogs lately.  Life's been busy and my internet has been down for about a month (still isn't fixed.)  I've been listening to Stryper's new one, and that made me go back and dig out more of my old Christian Metal albums, so sometime soon, I'll post a blog about that.  Meanwhile, God Bless you all, & I'll talk to you soon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Christ Like Swag Team at Java Journey 2/4/2011

Great Christian Rap/Hip Hop group featuring three local guys; Matt Skizzle(far left, green shirt,) Church Boi (center, black shirt,) and Philly Phil (Far right, white vest,) pictured here with two friends, gave a great show at Java Journey in Hickory last Friday night.  It's great to see teenagers using their talent to glorify God!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

John Mark Heard

Mark Heard was an enigma in Christian music.  He only had a couple of radio hits, and  few people familiar with modern Christian music have heard of him, yet he has influenced such major christian artists as Rich MullinsBruce Carroll, Bob Bennett, Julie Miller and Ashley Cleveland, to name a few.  He wrote songs that perfectly described mans fallen condition, and the moral decay with which we live, but were also filled with hope, a love for God and a longing to be with Him. Lyrically, he was influenced heavily by evangelical Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer.

Heard was discovered by Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill.  Norman signed him to his label, Solid Rock Records,  and recorded his second solo album "Appalachian Melody," in 1979. (His first, self-titled album was released on Airborn Records in 1975. Norman later re-released this album as "On Turning To Dust" in 1978.)  Those first albums were acoustic/folk rock/country albums that garnered heard a comparison to James Taylor.  He then released the European only album "Fingerprint."
Heard moved to Chris Christian's Home Sweet Home records after Solid Rock folded.  He recorded six albums for Home Sweet Home, each one critically acclaimed, but largely ignored by Christian radio, and by the record buying public. Those albums showed the Heartland rock influence of artists like Tom PettyBruce Springsteen, Steven Forbert, etc. with a little Byrds thrown in for good measure.. In 1987 he signed with What? records and released the album "Tribal Opera" under the pseudonym "iDEoLA," a very different approach for him, as it was entirely electronic in nature with sampled drums, guitars, and other instruments.

In 1990, Heard began work on what would be his final trilogy of albums.  "Dry Bones Dance," released in 1990 was a loud' happy, joyous country-rock album with Mark's trademark lyrics. "Second Hand," released in 1991, was a much quieter, plaintive, folksy album that featured Steve Hindalong of The Choir on drums.  Heard's final album, "Satellite Sky," was a Country/Folk Rock album written entirely on the mandolin.

On July 4, 1992, Mark Heard suffered a Heart Attack on stage at the 1992 Cornerstone Festival.  He finished his set before he went to a nearby hospital. He spent several days there before being released, apparently in good health. He moved to another hospital to complete his recovery. It was there that he suffered a Cardiac Arrest and lapsed into a coma. The Doctor's performed a successful bypass operation, but he never came out of the coma. He died on August 16, 1992.  He was 40 years old.

The Choir

In 1986, during the first year of the Change The World radio broadcast, we received a vinyl 12" single by a band none of us had ever heard of.  Two songs from The Choir's "Diamonds And Rain" album:"When The Morning Comes"b/w "Fear Only You."  These songs were very different from what any of us were used to hearing from Christian groups in the mid 80's. Some of the guys weren't too sure about the band, but I loved the single.  The Choir had sort of a U2 meets the Beatles sound, coupled with personal, sometimes enigmatic lyrics.  "When The Morning Comes" was about the return of Christ, (or maybe the death of the singer; I've never been too sure,) but I'd never heard that subject approached like The Choir did.  I was hooked, and got a copy of the full album as soon as I could.  I've been a fan ever since.  With very few exceptions, I have purchased each Choir album as a new release.
Steve Hindalong (drums) and Derri Daughtrey (guitar, vocals) are the heart of this great band, along with Dan Michaels (Sax, Lyricon) and Tim Chandler (Bass.)  Steve and Derri have been together since the early 80's, initially calling themselves The Youth Choir.  Their first two albums "Voices In Shadows", and "Shades Of Grey" were released under that name.  Beginning with "Diamonds And Rain" they dropped the "Youth" and became "The Choir"  As of 2010, they have released 13 albums, two of which (Burning Like The Midnight Sun, and De-Plumed,) were released this year.
These guys are responsible for several of my all time favorite albums, including "Wide Eyed Wonder" (1989), and "Circle Slide"(1990).  Hindalong also produced the popular "City On A Hill" series of worship Cd's.  Daugherty is a member of Lost Dogs, along with Terry Scott Taylor (of Daniel Amos), and Mike Roe(of the 77's.)


This blog will be about all the music I enjoy, and I enjoy practically every style!  Everything from Adult Contemporary to Punk to Rock to Heavy Metal.  Even a little Hip Hop (My son is in a Rap group).  I listen to a lot of Christian groups that are WELL out of the mainstream, and most people may not be familiar with them.  So, if that interests you, continue to check back, and I'll post as often as I can.