Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of the best Christian bands of the '90's is also one of the least known.  Novella released two excellent cd's (One Big Sky, 1991, and A Liquid Earth, 1992,) and then dropped off the face of the earth.  They originated in New Jersey and were founded by Jonathan Pagano (vocals, guitars, keyboards,) Jon Spinola (bass,) and Adam Gibson (drums.)  Derek Ferwerda joined the band as second guitarist for the second  cd.

Musically, Novella were melodic hard rock, with touches of Bon Jovi, Journey, and even some progressive elements a la Rush.  Heavy Metal they were not, but "Running Home," the most well known song from the first cd, appeared on the old Pure Metal label's compilation cd "The Axemen," nearly three years before it appeared on "One Big Sky."  The ballad "Heaven's On My Mind" from "A Liquid Earth" was a hit on Christian video shows in 1992-93.

I could find very little about Novella while researching this blog.  Here is a very good interview the band gave Cross Rhythms after the release of "A Liquid Earth."

*UPDATE* Lead singer Jonathan Pagano read my blog post about the band and asked me to help get the word out that they were recording new material this year.  Support this great band!

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