Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Choir

In 1986, during the first year of the Change The World radio broadcast, we received a vinyl 12" single by a band none of us had ever heard of.  Two songs from The Choir's "Diamonds And Rain" album:"When The Morning Comes"b/w "Fear Only You."  These songs were very different from what any of us were used to hearing from Christian groups in the mid 80's. Some of the guys weren't too sure about the band, but I loved the single.  The Choir had sort of a U2 meets the Beatles sound, coupled with personal, sometimes enigmatic lyrics.  "When The Morning Comes" was about the return of Christ, (or maybe the death of the singer; I've never been too sure,) but I'd never heard that subject approached like The Choir did.  I was hooked, and got a copy of the full album as soon as I could.  I've been a fan ever since.  With very few exceptions, I have purchased each Choir album as a new release.
Steve Hindalong (drums) and Derri Daughtrey (guitar, vocals) are the heart of this great band, along with Dan Michaels (Sax, Lyricon) and Tim Chandler (Bass.)  Steve and Derri have been together since the early 80's, initially calling themselves The Youth Choir.  Their first two albums "Voices In Shadows", and "Shades Of Grey" were released under that name.  Beginning with "Diamonds And Rain" they dropped the "Youth" and became "The Choir"  As of 2010, they have released 13 albums, two of which (Burning Like The Midnight Sun, and De-Plumed,) were released this year.
These guys are responsible for several of my all time favorite albums, including "Wide Eyed Wonder" (1989), and "Circle Slide"(1990).  Hindalong also produced the popular "City On A Hill" series of worship Cd's.  Daugherty is a member of Lost Dogs, along with Terry Scott Taylor (of Daniel Amos), and Mike Roe(of the 77's.)

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