Thursday, April 12, 2012


Some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard comes from Scotland, and a good portion of that music is by Runrig.  Formed in northern Scotland in 1973, the band took the name "Runrig" from the Scottish "furrow and ridge" farming style.

Runrig mix Scottish folk in with Celtic Rock, much like other "big guitar" bands like Big Country (another favorite) and many of their songs, particularly early ones, are sung in Gaelic. But rather than using spiritual imagery for pure poetic reasons, Runrig's core members and songwriters, brothers Callum and Rory Macdonald are devout Christians.  The  Macdonald's are also the sole remaining original members.

Also unlike Big County and U2, Runrig never had much success in the United States, and you're not likely to hear any "hits" on the radio, but lack of radio success certainly has nothing to do with quality.  (Nor does major success, but that's another argument.)  In searching out Runrig's music, the first major label album, "The Cutter And The Clan," is a good place to start, as well as 1993's "Amazing things" (called "the most life-affirming album ever made" by reviewer Glenn Mcdonald.)

Cross Rhythms interview, 1993 :
In A Nutshell: Runrig's Spiritual Message:

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