Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...

For the next few posts, I wanted to talk about some of the more obscure, WAY off the beaten path type bands that you've probably never heard of, or, if you have, the band's name probably scared you off before you gave them a listen.  Believe me though, there's some great stuff out there that falls into this category. Read on, and I'll try to explain what's so great about these bands besides their names.

The Blind Teeth Victory Band

I don't know much about the personnel of this band, other than they came from Texas, and they're led by singer/songwriter Delbert Nave.  The Violent Femmes "Hallowed Ground" era might be a good reference point for their sound.  Psycho-Folk-Funk-Punk. Virtually no production.  Sounds like it was recorded in someones basement, because more than likely it was! Truly unique, one of a kind band.  Just hearing them makes me smile. Albums include "Trilogy" (shown above,) "Kill A Baby, Save A Dog," and "Cheesecake In A Can."

In spite of the silliness (or maybe because of it) this band was very ministry oriented.  Very few of their albums were available on cd, and it seems even those are now out of print.  Rare stuff, but well worth searching out.

Next post:  Frank's Enemy.   Be prepared...

*Update* Band founder Delbert Nave passed away March 2nd, 2014.  Our prayers are with his family.  R.I.P. Delbert. Thanks for the music.

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