Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...Part 4

Lust Control

A "joke" band with a serious message, Lust Control was the creation of HM Magazine editor Doug Van Pelt.  Musically very raw, intense punk rock, akin to bands like the Ramones, Dead Milkmen or Nobody Special, but with far less production values.  Members, which at one time included guys on loan from One Bad Pig, wore ski masks to hide their identities, ostensibly due to their music's controversial content, but most likely it was just a gimmick.  That's not a stab at the band, I thought the mask thing was pretty cool!

Christian Rock bashers loved to hate on this band.  A "fundamentalist, KJV Only" type website gave my favorite review of one of their albums; "The album is titled "We Are Not Ashamed."  They should be.  With a name like Lust Control, you just know these guys are spiritual giants."  Well, I believe they are, at least more so than the individual with the wooden contact lenses who wrote that review.

The subject matter of the songs, which was radically biblical, delt with everything from sexual abstinence to marriage to child abuse to abortion to holiness to the second coming of Christ.  They were called the "Josh McDowell of the Christian Rock world" by CCM Magazine (October, 1991.)  They were also named "Worst Band of the Decade (1990's) by HM Magazine. (Interesting, since the editor of HM is also the bandleader.)  :-)

The band hasn't released any new material since 1994's "Feminazi" ep, but have recently reissued an expanded version of "We Are Not Ashamed," including some tracks from the "Fun, Fun Feeling" cd, plus some commentary segments. 



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