Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weird, Strange, Odd, Unique...Part 2

Frank's Enemy

Okay...Yeah.  If the band pic above didn't scare you off, the music may.  Just a little warning here: this band is NOT for everyone.

Not sure what to call this..Death Metal/Grind-core/Hardcore/Punk/Funk/Noise. Even Ambient, at times. One album (Illumination) starts off with a Ska tune. All the ingredients to terrify and offend die hard Adult Contemporary fans, and send them running for the hills.  As much of a Metal fan as I am, I have to be in the right mood for F's E, but there are times I absolutely love this stuff.

Frank's Enemy started off as a one man band solo project for Julio Rey, guitarist/vocalist for the groundbreaking '80's Punk/Thrash band, The Lead, a great band that will get their own post sometime in the future. The name came from a statement Frank Zappa made following the PMRC Senate hearings in the mid 1980's. He said "When you see a car with a Christian fish on it, you've seen the enemy."  Thus, Christians are "Frank (Zappa's) Enemy."  

The origin of the name bother's me, because the fact that he considered Christian's his enemy means he never truly heard the Gospel from any he came in contact with. It indicates that Frank Zappa never heard that Jesus loved him, unless it was thrown out as a challenge, or a brick intended to hurt. That saddens me.  

However, musically, this is a one of a kind band.  Anyone into Extreme Metal should do themselves a favor and check them out.

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