Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Gabriel were an Inspirational group active through the entire decade of the 80's.  Their album "Standing Strong" was one of the first featured on my friend Allen's local radio broadcast "Change The World" back in 1985.  Musically, they were cut from the same cloth as Harvest (post pending) but with less "southern" influence.  The group originally consisted of  Robin Lyle (keyboards, vocals) and Jeff Walter (vocals.)  They released four independent albums as a duo, the best of which, "Out Of The East," is pictured above.  In 1988, they signed with Home Sweet Home records, added drummer Robert Noland, and released their self titled major label debut, which was simply a rearranged version of "Out Of The East" (two songs deleted, two new songs recorded with Noland added.)  In 1990 they released "Long Line Of Love" on Urgent records, with Noland sharing lead vocal duties with the others.  "Long Line..." showed them heading in more of a (then) modern "Pop" inspirational direction, but to my knowledge they never released another album.

"Out Of The East" is easily one of my most listened to CCM releases.  Unfortunately, no youtube videos for any of those songs seems to exist.  The entire "Long Line Of Love" disc is available for streaming at Myspace, however.

"Long Line Of Love:" http://www.myspace.com/gabrielsage/music/albums/long-line-of-love-12934725

*Slight Update*  Thanks to my friend Chris for tracking down a couple of live videos of Gabriel.  Here's "I Want To Be Your Light," a track from Out Of The East.

This one's from Standing Strong.


  1. Thanks for the info on Gabriel. They are one on my favorites and the first CCM concert I attended (youth rally in Greensboro, NC in mid 80's). I have 'Gabriel' and 'Long Line Of Love' on cd, which is very difficult to find. Do you know if the other two were ever released on cd? Out Of The East is one of my favorites of theirs, too, and I remember trying to pick it out on the keyboard when I got home from that concert - never did get further than the opening.

    Someone has put up a Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/pages/Gabriel-CCM-Band/189949621031090, don't know if you've seen that or not. There's also two video on YouTube. Look like they may be from the same year I saw them in concert but not sure. And I use to have some info on where they are now, if I can find it I'll pass it along.

    Great job on the blog! Keep it up!

  2. Hey Chris, thank you! None of their albums besides the two you mention are on cd, to my knowledge, but the self titled one basically IS Out Of The East, except for two songs. I have Standing Strong on LP and Out Of The East on cassette, and I burned those to a cd-r years ago. They have two others that I've never heard: their first self titled one released in 1980, and Rescued, released in 1981. I remember seeing both of those in Sullins' Music Center back in the day. Should have grabbed them then!

  3. Sorry Sam, thought I put the link to the videos but must've overlook it trying to get the fb link right. Anyway, here it is, hope you and your readers enjoy!

  4. i need to know the name of a song performed by Gabriel that talks of Adam and God walking together in the garden. God is telling Adam, after the fall, that He misses the time they use to spend together. I heard it at church camp at Highlands Lake Baptist Encampment in the late 70's. any help would be appreciated.

  5. The name of the song is TIME and was released on Gabriel's debut album in 1979. The lyrics never talk about Adam and God. That story you are refering to was a set up for the song when Gabriel performed it live.
    I know these things because Robin Lyle is my dad and wrote the song.

  6. Jase, thank you for answering Stephen's question! I hardly ever have time to devote to this blog anymore, I'm grateful people still read it, especially the artists and their friends and family members!

  7. Anyone know where I can buy a copy of "Rescued"?