Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kajagoogoo - Islands/Extra Play

In 1984, the mainstream New Wave band Kajagoogoo (think "Too Shy,") released an album that could have competed with early christian alternative bands like the 77's in the "fringe" Christian bookstores where such material was sold.  Islands, (titled "Extra Play" in the U.S.,) was the second album from the band, and featured blatantly Christian content. Bassist (and by this time lead singer) Nick Beggs had become a Christian when he was in his late teens, after the death of his mother.  Beggs would join the band Iona for a couple of albums in the mid 90's before returning to solo work, and eventually back to Kajagoogoo.

Nick Beggs interview:  http://kajafax.co.uk/2011/07/12/kajagoogoo-on-kajagoogoo-no-1-magazine-feature-1983-nick-beggs/

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