Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rage of Angels

A "One Album Wonder," this band came and went before their disc was released.  Their break up is one of the sad stories that's all too common in CCM.  In an interview in Heaven's Metal (issue #21) vocalist Danny Mariano said "The band was really baby, brand new, fresh.  There was only a couple of us in the band that considered ourselves Christians.  The other guys were just comin' around.  We were having bible studies and so on...all attending church.  They were pretty much excited about the whole idea of a Christian album and a Christian band.  As time went on, they saw the bad side of the industry or the Christian market."  This seems to be the story of several CCM bands.  Some overcome and survive, some don't.

Except for a bootleg of demos, this is the only material available from ROA, and that's a shame.  This is classic 80's commercial metal.  "Do you still believe in love" is one of my favorite Metal songs.

Before this album was released, drummer John Fowler and guitarist Frank DiCostanzo joined the mainstream metal band Steelheart, who were popular for a short time in the early 90's before Grunge totally wiped metal off the air.  Fowler passed away in March, 2008 of a brain hemorrhage.

CD review:  http://www.angelicwarlord.com/reviews/r/rageofangels89.html

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