Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Albums you may have missed the first time around (but really need to hear,) Part 1

Zilch - Platinum (Gotee Records, 1997)

Every so often a band comes along that doesn't appear to have much to offer, records one or two albums that no one much likes, then breaks up only to be reborn shortly thereafter as a great band. (i.e. dull, listless Iron Maiden clones Lightforce became the amazing Mortification.)  In the case of Zilch, the opposite is kind of true (depending on how you feel about the band they became):  One amazing album, 1997's Platinum, and the band morphed into the far less original and interesting cookie cutter worship outfit SONICFLOOd.  (No offense at all meant to SONICFLOOd fans.  The band just doesn't hold my attention.)

Starting life as DC Talk's touring band, the band featured  Mark Townsend (guitars, vocals,)  Otto Price (Bass, Vocals) and Jason Halbert (keyboards, vocals.)  All three went on to become producers, with Townsend being particularly well known.

The album's influences are obvious, but it is so original as a whole, they are not a distraction.  There are elements of DC Talk, of course.  "Everything" has a definite Police vibe.  "Here We Go" sounds like it got lost from a Ty Tabor solo project.  There are great moments of "studio patter" scattered throughout.  Ther cover of the old Schoolhouse Rock song "My Hero, Zero," is great as well.

All in all, there's no dud on the disc.  It's the type of release that leaves you wanting to hear more from the band.  Sadly, there is no more, but if you're a fan of modern Rock/Pop, and can track this one down, do yourself a favor and grab it up.


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  1. I must say this is one of my all-time favorites. I was just telling a friend about not too long ago who loves TobyMac but had never heard this. Glad you covered it.